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D/S Windows

Architectural excellence, meticulous detailing, energy efficiency and durability achieved through patented technology

Our patented Fibre Frame™ technology seamlessly integrates structural support within the window frame

D/S Windows

Whether you prefer a sleek, minimalist look or want to make the structural elements a visible architectural statement, our windows adapt to your vision.

With a wide range of customizable colors and textures, or completely hidden from view, you have the freedom to tailor to your preferences.

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Structural versatility

Featuring patented Fibre Frame™ technology for structural support, while also adaptable for non-structural aesthetics.

Architectural freedom

Seamlessly integrated into the design, whether as a structural element or/and as a visible feature.

Customized designs

Choose from a diverse palette of colors and textures or choose the minimalist, entirely concealed option, allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed glass view that aligns perfectly with your architectural vision.

Energy efficiency

Providing superior insulation and eliminating cold bridges, even when used purely for aesthetics. Excellent thermal insulation properties, reducing heat transfer and contributing to energy-efficient building design. This enhances the overall energy performance of the structure.

Design versatility

The frames offer greater design flexibility for windows, enabling sleek and modern profiles, as well as custom shapes and sizes, to achieve the desired aesthetic vision.


Sustainability is achieved by combining multiple functions into a single process, reducing the need for excess materials. The use of frames for windows aligns with eco-friendly principles, as it allows for greater design flexibility, achieving the desired aesthetic vision efficiently.

Noise reduction

The frame's inherent properties can help minimize noise transmission through windows, creating a quieter and more comfortable indoor environment for occupants.


The frames are made for strength and resistance to weather and corrosion. These durable frames ensure the longevity and performance of the windows in various weather conditions.

Lightweight and easy installation

The lightweight nature of the frames simplifies the installation process, potentially reducing construction time and labor costs.

Low maintenance

Windows with hidden frames typically require minimal maintenance, saving time and resources for building owners and occupants.

Aesthetic appeal

The sleek and modern appearance of the frames can enhance the overall visual appeal of the building's façade, contributing to a contemporary and stylish architectural design.

Enhanced building performance

Incorporating energy-efficient and durable windows contributes to the creation of green buildings, demonstrating our dedication to sustainable and high-performance building design.

Comfort and well-being

The combination of energy efficiency, noise reduction, and durability in windows  can improve occupants’ comfort and well-being, making it a desirable feature for residential and commercial projects.

Incorporating windows with these frames into designs allows us to create environmentally conscious, aesthetically pleasing, and high-performing buildings that meet the demands of clients while also enhancing the comfort and well-being of the occupants.



D/S Windows

™ is part of Details/Systems™. Our complete package includes D/S Walls™, D/S Windows™ with patented Fibre Frame™, D/S Architectural Platforms™, D/S Stairs™, and D/S Elements™.

D/S Windows

™ is a full-fledged part of Details/Systems™. We have crafted a range of smart solutions that represent a systematic approach to construction, with a sharp focus on the finest details.

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