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D/S Walls

An innovative and advanced building system for the construction of solid and well-insulated wall structures

Reinventing wall systems for modern building

D/S Walls

D/S Walls™ is an innovative and advanced building system known as CCIT™ (CUSTOM CASTING INSULATED TECHNOLOGY).

It creates a tailormade, solid and well-insulated wall structure.

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This construction method provides exceptional thermal performance, soundproofing capabilities, and increased durability for buildings. D/S Walls™ is designed to offer energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and resilient solutions for various construction projects, ensuring comfortable living spaces and long-lasting structures.

D/S Walls™ represents a cutting-edge approach to wall systems in modern architecture. These walls are designed with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and adaptability, making them a crucial component of Details/Systems' comprehensive architectural solutions.


D/S Walls™ are highly versatile and can be customized to fit various architectural designs and functions. They adapt seamlessly to the unique demands of each project.


Our wall systems are eco-conscious, constructed with sustainability in mind. They incorporate materials and construction methods that minimize environmental impact, reducing the carbon footprint of your projects.

Energy efficiency

D/S Walls™ enhance the energy efficiency of buildings, ensuring optimal insulation and thermal performance. This results in reduced energy consumption and greater comfort for occupants.

Our innovative wall systems eliminate thermal bridging, ensuring compliance with stringent energy performance regulations, including Belgium's energy performance regulations. Even in the most avant-garde architectural designs, our walls maintain exceptional energy efficiency.


These walls are engineered for long-term durability, standing strong against environmental elements and wear. They contribute to the longevity and resilience of structures.

Design freedom

"D/S Walls™ offer unparalleled design freedom, enabling the exploration of innovative concepts and the creation of visually stunning structures that push the boundaries of conventional construction."

In summary, D/S Walls™ offer a transformative approach to wall systems, blending advanced technology, sustainability, and design flexibility. They play a pivotal role in Details/Systems' mission to redefine modern architecture, providing the tools necessary to craft visionary, environmentally conscious, and enduring structures.

Structural excellence

D/S Walls™ not only offer design flexibility and sustainability but also excel in structural integrity. They meet rigorous structural engineering standards, instilling confidence to explore innovative designs, including daring cantilevered structures.

These walls are engineered to support the weight and stability of architectural elements with significant overhangs or outreaches. This structural reliability opens doors to visionary designs that were previously challenging to achieve with conventional building systems.

Exterior and interior walls – load bearing or non-load-bearing walls

Our wall systems are not only efficient but versatile, serving as load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls, perfect for both exterior and interior applications. 

Finishing textures

With our commitment to quality, we provide exquisite finishes for insulated façade systems, offering a wide range of textures and aesthetics to choose from.



D/S Walls

™ is part of Details/Systems™. Our complete package includes D/S Walls™, D/S Windows™ with patented Fibre Frame™, D/S Architectural Platforms™, D/S Stairs™, and D/S Elements™.

D/S Walls

™ is a full-fledged part of Details/Systems™. We have crafted a range of smart solutions that represent a systematic approach to construction, with a sharp focus on the finest details.

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