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D/S Elements

Precisely tailored details thoughtfully integrated into the architectural project

Tailored architectural components

D/S Elements

D/S Elements™ seamlessly integrates into our architectural system, complementing D/S Walls™ and D/S Windows™.

Custom-crafted elements meticulously shape the technical details of architectural projects with precision and creativity.

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From custom-made sills and lintels to intricate parapet designs, roof edges, and cladding for columns, D/S Elements™ offers a versatile range of possibilities. You can achieve organic shapes, unique textures, and precisely tailored solutions to suit your architectural vision.

Our commitment to precision engineering ensures that every D/S Element™ fits seamlessly into the design, enhancing the aesthetic and functional aspects of your project. These components provide structural integrity, weather resistance, and aesthetic enhancement, contributing to the sustainability and longevity of your building.

D/S Elements™ provides the flexibility, durability, and performance you need to bring architectural dreams to life. Designs are elevated through custom-tailored architectural components that seamlessly align with the Details/Systems™ philosophy of precision, innovation, and excellence. D/S Elements™ offers limitless possibilities and redefines the boundaries of architectural creativity.

Precision and versatility in architectural detailing

D/S Elements™ is your canvas for architectural creativity, offering precision and versatility in crafting details that are not only aesthetically striking but also functionally superior. From intricate water- and airtight designs to unique architectural detailing, D/S Elements™ guarantees high technical and architectural accuracy.

Our commitment to precision engineering ensures that every D/S Element™ is meticulously crafted to meet stringent standards of waterproofing and airtightness. These elements are designed to seamlessly integrate with architectural designs, providing both form and function.

With D/S Elements™, we have the freedom to push the boundaries of architectural detailing, all while ensuring optimal performance and sustainability. D/S Elements™ offers and elevate architectural projects to new heights:

  • D/S Elements™ excels in crafting aesthetically striking and functionally superior architectural details.
  • Meticulously crafted to meet stringent standards of waterproofing and airtightness.
  • Seamless integration with architectural designs for both form and function.
  • Ideal for captivating façade details, innovative roofing solutions, and complex structural elements.
  • Embodies a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality.
  • Offers the freedom to push the boundaries of architectural detailing while ensuring optimal performance and sustainability.


D/S Elements

™ is part of Details/Systems™. Our complete package includes D/S Walls™, D/S Windows™ with patented Fibre Frame™, D/S Architectural Platforms™, D/S Stairs™, and D/S Elements™.

D/S Elements

™ is a full-fledged part of Details/Systems™. We have crafted a range of smart solutions that represent a systematic approach to construction, with a sharp focus on the finest details.

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