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D/S Architectural Platforms

Versatile structural floors and roof structures for diverse architectural designs

Elevate your spaces with structural versatility

D/S Architectural Platforms

D/S Architectural Platforms™ represent a pinnacle in structural innovation, offering a dynamic range of possibilities.

These platforms serve both structurally and architecturally, providing solutions for a wide range of architectural needs.

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Architectural Freedom: D/S Architectural Platforms™ empowers to explore boundless design opportunities. Whether it's achieving long spans or creating undulating roof forms, these platforms provide the flexibility to transform creative visions into reality.

Custom craftsmanship

Each platform is meticulously engineered to align seamlessly with your project's requirements, ensuring a perfect structural fit and aesthetic finish.

Strength and durability

These platforms combine the strength of concrete with modern construction materials, ensuring robust, long-lasting performance in both floor and roof applications.

Adaptive design

D/S Architectural Platforms™ can be designed to accommodate a wide range of loads and functions, making them suitable for commercial, residential, or industrial settings.

Energy efficiency

The insulating properties of these platforms contribute to the overall energy efficiency of a building, aiding in temperature regulation and reducing heating and cooling costs.

Sustainable solutions

By utilizing environmentally responsible materials, D/S Architectural Platforms™ align with sustainable building practices, reducing their ecological footprint.

Ease of installation

Despite their complex capabilities, these platforms are designed for straightforward installation, optimizing construction timelines and budget management.

Architectural integration

D/S Architectural Platforms™ effortlessly complement our comprehensive architectural system, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious design throughout your project.

Versatile applications

Whether it's creating open, column-free spaces or crafting sculptural rooflines, these platforms offer versatility for a wide array of architectural applications.

Visual impact

Beyond their structural prowess, D/S Architectural Platforms™ can elevate the aesthetics of any space, transforming them into visually captivating architectural features.

Incorporating D/S Architectural Platforms™ into the construction project is an invitation to explore new dimensions in architectural design. These versatile platforms provide the structural backbone for exceptional buildings while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in modern construction.



D/S Architectural Platforms

™ is part of Details/Systems™. Our complete package includes D/S Walls™, D/S Windows™ with patented Fibre Frame™, D/S Architectural Platforms™, D/S Stairs™, and D/S Elements™.

D/S Architectural Platforms

™ is a full-fledged part of Details/Systems™. We have crafted a range of smart solutions that represent a systematic approach to construction, with a sharp focus on the finest details.

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